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Intercultural Seminars, Workshops, and Webinars

I offer intercultural seminars, workshops, and webinars in German, English, or Chinese. In today's globalized world, it is essential for entrepreneurs to consider the cultural differences among their team members. This consideration is crucial for effective communication and successful collaboration with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers from various countries. Intercultural management plays a pivotal role in facilitating optimal interactions with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Proficiency in intercultural management equips entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to cultivate robust relationships, prevent misunderstandings, and foster a positive work environment that capitalizes on the strengths of varied perspectives. Through the understanding and acknowledgment of cultural diversity, entrepreneurs can enhance their competitiveness and attain success within the global marketplace.

My Services:

I provide practical and application-oriented insights into customer acquisition in the Asian region, as well as guidance on interacting with Asian visitors in German-speaking countries. This encompasses not only knowledge about dining etiquette but also extends to behavioral norms and specific preferences that visitors may have regarding services. Recognizing and comprehending these differences are also imperative facets of this endeavor.

Focus on topics:

  • Intercultural Management
  • Intercultural Communication
  • How to do business in Asia/Germany?
  • Working and living in Asia/Germany

Focus Countries:

  • P.R. China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Mongolia

Universities - training, workshops and lectures

I facilitate the optimal facilitation of everyday intercultural interactions.

Ensuring the effective management of intercultural interactions within higher education institutions is critical to cultivating an inclusive and diverse learning environment. This achievement hinges upon a synergistic approach involving training, the promotion of active engagement, and the profound respect for cultural disparities. Such an environment not only empowers students to collaborate and communicate effectively but also contributes to the enrichment of a multifaceted and all-encompassing academic community.

Our role involves nurturing communication and collaboration among students from diverse cultural backgrounds. This is realized through shared activities, events, intercultural workshops, and training sessions aimed at cultivating cultural sensitivity. The overarching goal is to establish connections that bridge gaps and dispel preconceived notions, while fostering a climate of receptiveness and curiosity towards cultural distinctions.

I offer assistance in addressing the distinctive needs of international students.

Leverage my proficiency to discern and tend to the unique requirements and perspectives of students originating from various cultural contexts. Achieving this may encompass initiatives such as furnishing translation services or providing intercultural counseling offerings.

I ensure effective and culturally sensitive expectation management.

To create a positive learning environment for international students in higher education, effective and culturally sensitive expectation management is crucial. This includes providing clear and accurate information about course objectives, requirements, teaching methods and evaluation criteria, as well as considering and understanding cultural differences when designing curricula and assessing performance. In my experience, all this contributes to students feeling comfortable and respected. I therefore support you in creating an open learning environment, free from discrimination and intolerance, where students can freely express their opinions and perspectives. Recognise students' individual needs and challenges.

I offer my support in navigating intricate intercultural scenarios and encounters.

Intercultural situations at universities can sometimes be challenging. It is important to perceive cultural differences and understand that each culture has its own perspective, values, and behaviours. Communicating openly and honestly in challenging intercultural situations, listening actively, and showing empathy for the situations and feelings of others helps to avoid misunderstandings and find solutions. If the situation cannot be resolved, it is important to use professional mediation to reach a solution. With our expertise we support you in all these situations.

I support you in researching the culture and business practices of the partner country to gain an understanding of the cultural differences and business practices of the partner country and to avoid misunderstandings. As intercultural consultant and expert, I identify challenges and find solutions, define clear rules and expectations for the partnership. With my training in intercultural communication, you are well prepared for trips to the partner country. Use my network and resources to make contacts and exchange ideas with others who have already successfully established intercultural partnerships.

References - testing new approaches. Imparting knowledge:

  • Teaching: Seminars and lectures for international student groups, Bachelor & Master at HTW.

  • Teaching: Seminars and lectures for international student groups Master & Bachelor at GIU (Cairo) German International University.