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The Blended Learning course offers a blend of in-person/webinar sessions and e-learning units. Its aim is to develop intercultural competence in handling interactions with Chinese individuals.


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Blended Learning Course "West meets East. Working with Chinese"

My course combines the best of both worlds – intensive in-person webinars along with a flexible schedule for accompanying online units. The course consists of 4 modules, which include digital courses with videos, interactive digital games, and exercises, and a 90-minute webinar after each module. The course can also be conducted entirely online. In any case, it provides a solid foundation for successful international collaboration with Chinese individuals, both internationally and within China itself.

What the course provides:

  • Intercultural competence in interactions with Chinese individuals.

  • Culture and Cultural Standards

  • China: Country and People

  • Pitfalls in Intercultural Communication

  • Chinese Cultural Standards: Hierarchies, Relationships, Face and Time Perception


The process of knowledge acquisition is facilitated by means of informative video presentations, while the reinforcement of knowledge is attained through practical assignments. The learning journey is enriched by interactive components, such as engaging learning modules known as "Learning Nuggets." To enhance the program's depth, there are four in-person webinars that delve into the subject matter. These webinars offer a platform to delve into pertinent challenges faced by participants, affording them the opportunity to engage with these issues directly. Furthermore, these webinars encourage the sharing of personal experiences, which can be used for reflective exercises and role-playing scenarios.

Participants stand to gain from a spectrum of advantages, including feedback, analysis, targeted Q&A and issue resolution, the exchange of experiences, and thought-provoking discussions. This holistic learning experience seamlessly amalgamates the practical insights of both fellow colleagues and the seasoned trainer herself, drawing from her wealth of extensive experience.

Module Contents:

Module 1: What does Culture mean?
Learn cultural sensitivity and enhance personal perception.

Module 2: Country and People
"Understanding China" - Gain knowledge about the state, language, people, customs, and traditions.

Module 3: Communication with Chinese Individuals
Enhance communication with Chinese team members and clients.

Module 4: Working with Chinese Individuals
Learn key elements of Chinese work culture.


"West meets East. Working with Chinese"

12-hour Blended Learning Course
4 self-study units of 90 minutes each
4 webinars of 90 minutes each n

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Blended Learning: Why

Why Blended Learning?

Blended Learning provides an effective and flexible solution for delivering education and training, combining the advantages of in-person instruction and e-learning:

Flexibility is a cornerstone of the Blended Learning approach, empowering learners to customize their learning schedule based on their individual time commitments while affording them the convenience of studying from any location.

Personalized Learning Environment: Learners can determine their own pace and learning tempo, considering their individual needs and learning styles.

Enhanced by In-Person Instruction: E-learning tools effectively complement in-person instruction. Learners can deepen and apply their knowledge.

Access to a Variety of Resources: Blended Learning offers learners access to a wide range of digital resources and materials, contributing to better understanding and skill-building.

Cost Efficiency: Blended Learning saves costs as less time is spent on in-person instruction and travel.

Sustainable Learning: Since learners retain access to materials, they can maintain and deepen their knowledge even after completing the course.