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Dr. Barbara Geldermann's presentations provide valuable insights into the latest trends unfolding in China and other Southeast Asian countries, contributing to a more profound comprehension of each nation's evolving economic, political, and societal landscape. These presentations encompass a broad spectrum of subjects, ranging from ecological and technological advancements to social and political reforms. Additionally, Dr. Geldermann delves into China's multifaceted role in the global arena, spanning both political and economic dimensions. These discussions also encompass the array of challenges and opportunities arising from these transformative processes.

The overarching objective is to cultivate a heightened awareness of the pivotal role that Southeast Asia occupies on the global stage and to underscore the implications of these dynamics for our shared future.

Moreover, Dr. Barbara Geldermann offers her expertise as a skilled moderator for a diverse range of panels, summits, and conferences. In this role, she functions as a vital link between panelists or speakers and the audience. Drawing from her wealth of experience, meticulous preparation is her guiding principle. This involves a comprehensive understanding of participants' biographies, backgrounds, and viewpoints, enabling her to pose pertinent, unbiased, and objective questions during the discussions.

Dr. Geldermann's adept moderation ensures that the dialogues remain aligned with the designated subject matter and that every participant is provided with the opportunity to contribute their insights. This meticulous approach yields discussions that are focused, productive, informative, well-balanced, open, and inclusive.

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